About Me

Hey there! I'm Serena Lewis, a first year at Barnard College. I've been learning HTML and CSS with Athena Digital Design. Learning to code has let me explore the way things work and how I can change them.

Project 1: Landing Page

My first project was a personal landing page. It required a simple form, an image, and some text content, all styled with basic CSS.


Project 2: Resume

My second project was a personal resume. This project required an image, some lists, other text content, and CSS positioning and styling.


Project 3: Instagram

The third project was a recreation of the Instagram login page. The goal of the project was to make a webpage that closely resembled Instagram's login by customizing a form, using responsive grid design and semantic HTML, and incorporating images.


Project 4: Final Project

The final project involved making a four-page website. I chose to create a website for a fictional bakery that utilized responsive design, images, and navigation.